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Shanmei's crawler stone loaders "earn" 9 million yuan for sandstone mining companies

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   The crawler reclaimer tailored for customers of sandstone mines by Shanmei will be officially unveiled at a sandstone mine site, which is expected to save customers 9 million yuan in loading costs each year. Let's uncover the mystery of "He" together and see how "He" "earns" 9 million yuan for the client year.

crawler reclaimer

   Crawler reclaimer VS loader  

   1. Work efficiency

   Shanmei STL1000 crawler reclaimer has a capacity of 800-1000 tons;

   The capacity of a 50-type loader made in China is 200-300 tons.

   The comparison of the annual demand of 10 million tons of gravel mines is:

   Crawler reclaimer/loader = 5 sets/30 sets, which is 1:6.

   2. Energy cost

   The crawler reclaimer uses electricity as the main power and the diesel generator as the backup power. The installed power of the STL1000 is 55kw. The cost of energy consumption per unit is 55 yuan (the electricity fee is 1 yuan/degree), and the energy cost is 0.06 yuan/ Ton;

   The fuel consumption of the 50-type loader is about 16 liters, and the energy consumption cost is 0.32 yuan/ton (diesel is 5 yuan/liter).

   The energy consumption cost comparison between the two 10 million tons of sand and gravel mines per year is:

   Crawler reclaimer/loader = 600,000 yuan / 3.2 million yuan;

   The annual energy saving cost is 2.6 million yuan.

   3. Labor cost

   The crawler reclaimer uses remote control handle for remote/local control, 8 hours working system, only one person is needed for operation, and only one person is required for each shift;

   The loader's 8-hour working system requires one person to work full time, but considering shift rotation, the number of manual labor is 1.5 people.

   The annual labor requirement for both 10 million tons of sand and gravel mines is: crawler reclaimer/loader = 6 persons/45 persons;

   The comparison of labor cost per ton is: crawler reclaimer/loader=0.06 yuan/0.45 yuan;

   The annual saving of 10 million tons of sand and gravel mines is 3.9 million yuan in labor costs (based on the monthly salary of 8,000 yuan for operators/forklift drivers).

crawler stone loader


   4. Maintenance cost

   The main maintenance cost of the crawler reclaimer is the wear of the reclaiming head and the maintenance of the belt conveyor. The annual maintenance cost of a single machine is 100,000 yuan;

   The annual maintenance cost of a 50-type loader is 60,000-80000 yuan.

   The annual maintenance cost of the 10 million tons of sand and gravel mines is as follows:

   Crawler reclaimer/loader = 500,000 yuan / 2.4 million yuan.

   The annual maintenance cost of 10 million tons of sandstone mines is 1.9 million yuan.

   5. Safe production

   The operation mode of the crawler reclaimer is tunneling operation, which does not require a large turning radius and a small operation area. The operator can remotely operate in the operation room, with good observation field, low labor intensity, and low hidden danger of safety accidents.

   The loader has a complicated operating environment, many blind spots, high labor intensity, and many hidden dangers.    Sammy's crawler reclaimer can save 10 million tons of sandstone mines annually in loading costs, which is 9.3 million yuan. Compared with traditional loading equipment loader, it has unparalleled cost advantages and performance advantages. Automated and intelligent loading methods will surely bring new heights to the development of the sand and gravel industry.


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