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Impact crusher discharge size is too large , the reasons and solutions

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Why Impact crusher discharge size larger phenomenon ?

[1]、Impact crusher feed rate , resulting in the crusher discharge size is too large .

[2]、Changes in raw materials , causing the characteristic changes of the mineral aggregate . Such as the ore is hard , not easy to burst the rupture process does not produce a fine powder .

[3]、Impact crusher discharge size not properly controlled . Such as jaw crusher , the material width adjustment is too large or the surrounding mill crusher outlet window damage .

[4]、Impact crusher feed ( grain ) is too large or bulk ( grain ) with a high proportion of the degree of mineral aggregate , resorted to the material (grain) larger than normal .

[5]、Impact crusher for reason crushed vulnerable parts of the damage caused . Wear such as hammer crusher hammer serious; the ball inside the ball big , irrational allocation of the ball , the ball badly worn , no time to add ; squirrel cage broken machine steel damage causes the crusher feed size increase big.

Impact crusher material particle size is too large , the performance of state

[1]、Impact crusher discharge blocks ( particles ) degrees larger than normal .

[2]、Back to the feeding amount increased, the increase in energy consumption .

[3]、An adverse impact to the process of operation .

Impact crusher material particle size is too large approach

[1]、Impact crusher discharge size is too large , according to the following ways to deal with .

[2]、adjusting crusher from the feed inlet size, check out materials window is broken and the timely replacement.

[3]、adjustment on the broken processes using block ( grain ) of qualified, thus the procedure to provide normal working conditions.

[4]、Found that the crusher granularity is too large to check the work of the crusher , to identify related causes , timely adjustment and repair .

[5]、Impact crusher for crushing the vulnerable components such as hammer, jaw plate wear or damage, must be promptly replaced, there are other failure to timely find out the reasons for repair.

[6]、adjusting Impact crusher feed and breed collocation in a suitable range, to ensure that finished products material the largest size of granularity are qualified for peace.

[7]、control the procurement of raw materials of the varieties do not change, if the change is to be broken process test, according to the material physical properties to formulate a set of crushing technology, selection of suitable crushing equipment..


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