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Mobile Cone Crusher Station

Mobile Cone Crusher Station,Mobile Cone Crusher,Mobile Cone Crusher Plant
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Feed size :160-240mm. Production capacity :40-390t.
Crushing materials: river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite), ore tailings, the artificial sand stone chips Application areas: mines, coal mines, tailings and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and site operations.

Mobile cone crusher station summary:
Yifan Machinery production of mobile cone crusher station is mainly used in the field of crushing operations, the aggregates production operations, according to the use of different stone and finished, the mobile cone crusher station used in place of the impact crusher, producing higher hardness and more fine-grained aggregate products. Cone Crusher Yifan Machinery configured according to the actual needs to adjust for the different type of crushing chamber, to expand the field of use and the use of the broken cone crusher mobile crushing plant.

Mobile cone crusher station performance characteristics:
1, Good mobility;
2, Compact, and easy to use;
3, Cost savings, and reduce costs;
4, The higher the applicability;
5, Stable performance, easy maintenance;
6, Flexible configuration.

Mobile cone crusher station structure:
All parts of the mobile cone crusher station including: solid rack, hydraulic cone crusher to the feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor belt, motor and control box.

Mobile cone crusher station advantages:
Yifan Machinery independent research and SMH hydraulic cone crusher cone crusher cone mobile crushing plant loaded with full hydraulic closed side adjustment device can produce 10 ~ 45mm aggregate. Hydraulic closed side of the conical crusher adjusting means in order to quickly and easily adjust the setting of the crusher. The adjustment is carried out by the control box, make this system ideal for the occasion of the nesting population parameters need to be adjusted periodically

Mobile cone crusher station works:
Materials by the feeder evenly transported to cone crusher, cone crusher constitute a closed system for preliminary crushing, circular vibrating screen, materials cycle crushing the finished material the conveyor output, continuous crushing operations. Mobile cone crusher station based on the actual production of the need to remove the circular vibrating screen, preliminary crushing of material directly supporting the use of other broken equipment is easy to operate, flexible.

Use and the use of mobile cone crusher station
1, Has been widely used in mines, coal mines, rubbish and construction waste recycling re-use, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and site operations.
2, Topsoil and a variety of other materials; separation viscous to coagulation aggregate; construction and demolition industry; broken after the screening; quarrying industry.
3, River gravel, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite ore tailings, stone chips artificial gravel.

Mobile Cone Crusher Station Technical Data:

Category Model
Product Name PP120SMH23S PP120SMH33S PP120SMH33S PP120SMH34S PP180SMH PP180SMH42S PP180SMH44S
Transport dimensions  
Length 11840 13300 13920 13920 10000 13720 14800
Width 2780 2780 2780 2780 2780 2780 2865
Height 4360 4350 4360 4460 4160 4350 4550
Weight 31.8 31 33 34.4 22.4 37.3 42.9
Axle load 21.8 22 22.6 23.8 14.3 26 29
Kingpins/Axle load 50/10.0 50/9.0 90/10.1 90/10.6 50/8.1 50/11.5 90/14
Cone Crusher  
Model SMH120 SMH120 SMH120 SMH120 SMH180 SMH180 SMH180
Max feed size 50-160 50-160 50-160 50-160 60-180 60-180 60-180
Adjustment range of discharge port 9-32 9-32 9-32 9-32 9-32 9-32 9-32
Vibrating Screen  
Model 3YK1235 3YK1545 3YK1548 4YK1548 no 2YK1860 4YK1860
belt conveyor  
Model no B800X7.2Y B800X7.4Y B800X7.4Y B1000X7.2Y B1000X8.2Y B1000X8.2Y
Axis Number  
Model Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial Triaxial

Mobile cone crusher technical parameters Table II

Category Model
Product Name PP180SMH53S PP250SMH PP250SMH44S PP250SMH52S PP250SMH53S PP250SMH54S
Transport dimensions  
Length 14700 11200 15500 15250 15690 15690
Width 3040 2780 2865 3000 3290 3300
Height 4220 4180 4300 4500 4500 4510
Weight 45.1 36.1 55.6 55.8 53 54.4
Axle load 30.8 25.8 25.6 35.5 34.5 35.8
Kingpins/Axle load 90/14.3 50/10.3 90/20 90/20.3 90/18.5 90/18.6
Cone Crusher  
Model SMH180 SMH250 SMH250 SMH250 SMH250 SMH250
Max feed size 60-180 80-240 80-240 80-240 80-240 80-240
Adjustment range of discharge port 9-32 9-51 9-51 9-51 9-51 9-51
Vibrating Screen  
Model 3YK2160 no 4YK1860 2YK2160 3YK2160 4YK2160
Belt conveyor  
Model B1000X6.5Y B1000X7.2Y B1000X8.2Y B1000X8.2Y B1000X8.2Y B1000X8.2Y
Axis Number  
Model Triaxial Biaxial Triaxial Triaxial Triaxial Triaxial

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