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Structural analysis of the production of stone commonly used impact crusher

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Frequently used impact crusher aggregates production process for a single rotor , multi-row , irreversible counterattack crusher structure , which consists of rack, rotor , back plate , grate bars , and other components .

The back plate under a lot of impact and friction , commonly used in high-manganese steel manufacturing . Under the bottom of the cabinet ( rack ) layout of a grate , grate bars parallel with the spindle , its ends are installed in the arc grate bar rack , the grate of the aircraft with the horizontal frame of the next cabinet .

Rotor through the bearing of both ends of the installation on the chassis below the rotor spindle, disk, pin , pin sets and hammer , hammer tail of the pin on , around the pin to swing freely . In order to prevent the hammer along the axial movement , collision disc , pin sets installed on both sides of the Hammerhead . Disc using key fixed to the spindle , disc equipped with interval sleeve , it ends with a round nut fixed to the shaft to prevent its axial movement , open two different radius of gyration of the pin on disc shaft hole . When the hammer wear to 20mm , the hammer and the pin can be installed on the outside of the hole .

Equipped with a coupling one end of the spindle , the other end is equipped with the flywheel , the aim is to reduce the rotor rotation heterogeneity and an increase in impact energy of the hammer . The rotation of the rotor , the hammer due to the effect of centrifugal force outwards , materials added by the hammer impact effect . When faced with a larger block of material , the material for the first time was not crushed , the hammer on the back swing , broken by the second hammer to continue . When the crusher into the non-broken , it will be the hammer brought to the end of the grate of the row from the end of the set of holes in the discharge , thereby protecting the machine . Convenience in order to check under the chassis front and rear wall to open the two checkpoints , usually with a small door closed .

Principle construct a very clear impact crusher , impact crusher as sand and gravel aggregates , building sand crushing plant has been popular on the market , if you want to know more about the impact crusher equipment , such as impact crusher quote, impact crusher how much money ? Counterattack crusher equipment performance can contact our 24 hours online customer service consultation request for information .
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