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Yifan Machinery: impact crusher development and trends

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Due to the impact crusher has the advantages of simple structure, light weight , low cost , stable operation , energy efficient , widely used in building materials, coal , food , chemical and other sectors . The disadvantage is that the rotor liner wear excessive maintenance more difficult . Since the 1990s , due to a variety of technological progress has been rapid development , the greatest change in a crusher .First in the rotor , some manufacturers are still on the rotor covered with wear-resistant lining , while others launched an open type and is somewhat similar , both simple and wear coupled with large back plate with the vertical shaft counterattack crusher . Followed by a circle close-packed back plate to replace the original Order of the trough , and enhance the crushing effect . The key to this type of crusher is a high - speed bearing (due to the high-speed rotation , there is no sufficient inertial force ) , in addition to improve manufacturing quality , and also designed into the spindle of the overall demolition in order to facilitate replacement .

Approximation of the advantages and disadvantages of impact crusher models with vertical impact crusher . The new impact crusher has been different from the traditional impact crusher , can only be broken in soft materials , hard materials it broken more than the compressive strength of 300MPa . The most important development in the cavity design . The first level of impact rack overall manganese steel to increase its quality , increase the crushing effect of the bulk material . The second impact rack by as much as possible , but the bottom emission port close to the rotor horizontal .Manufacturing critical of the impact crusher board hammer , the international community generally containing Cr26 materials of high chromium cast children . In order to extend the service life , requiring the consistency of the cast iron core hardness and surface hardness . Thus, the higher heat treatment requirements , it is necessary to achieve the required hardness inside and outside , can not be too hard , so as not to crack down on fragmentation .Thin oil lubrication, in order to improve the use of speed and service life of the bearing . For ease of maintenance , new product comes with hydraulic openings institutions , for quick replacement of the internal rotor or lining of the back plate and spindle . Has been extended to various types of mines ( mainly used for crushing or ultra- fine crushing ) , vertical impact crusher cone crusher machine unit power consumption is 17.4% lower , light weight, 71.3% , according to a mining statistics . The recent models replace the jaw crusher mobile crusher station (in the same crushing ratio and processing conditions , it is lighter than the weight of the jaw crusher and can be easily placed in a movable frame . )
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