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The Impact crusher in the construction industry has been widely used

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The development of the city led to the development of the Impact crusher equipment, crushing and screening equipment . With the world of rapid economic development of the urban architecture is also the rapid development of the urban middle continue to establish a much high-rise buildings , is also in constant improvement of urban transport , high-speed railway construction, subway construction , and so a series of construction continuous implementation.With the large-scale expansion of China 's highway construction , road building materials use and development of speed is also faster and faster , traditional building materials widely used in foundation engineering , but has been increasingly unable to meet the rapid development of highway construction on standard engineering requirements . The road construction is an important part of civil engineering , road construction materials are used for the roadbed, pavement , bridges and other parts of the various components and structures and, ultimately, constitute the materials of the buildings . Therefore, the application of the Aggregates in a state of tension , and to rely on artificial sand and gravel to put into the building is not enough , artificial sand became one of the best urban construction continue to use the sand Complementarity .

Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Impact crusher is a combination of international and domestic gravel industry specific mining conditions , developed a new family of efficient and powerful counterattack crusher . A new generation of counterattack for the second three , crushing operations crusher operation , easy maintenance , energy efficient, cubic shape , optional broken . The family of devices can be handled the the granularity is not greater than 500 mm , The compressive strength does not exceed the the materials of the 320 MPa the ( granite , limestone, concrete and and so on building materials) , counterattack crushing machine with its excellent the performance of and good the performance of , widely used in construction and other industries with stone .City building materials , solid materials are crushed , the internal crystal structure changes , the surface can increase the surface area of the unit mass , can improve the speed of physical and chemical reactions , easy to mix evenly , improve homogenization , and drying dry storage and transportation to create favorable conditions . PF impact crusher feed particle size is 100 - 500mm , maximum may not exceed the specified value . Material granularity users need to adjust the hammer crusher , impact crusher board hammer , are the gap between the entire components to achieve .

YIFAN Machinery brand success :
Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery equipment limited company is China's professional crushing and screening equipment suppliers, its production of Impact crusher single maximum treatment capacity of 1000tons per hour (1000t/h ). Moreover, machinery crusher can take chunks of rubble broken into the desired has multiple prism artificial stone, prism surface area is the largest, strongest is combined with cement surface, many-storied buildings, the highway roadbed, dam water conservancy construction best aggregate. Therefore, Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery back broken in the construction industry has very important application for the construction industry development put on a new pen.
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