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Construction Waste Disposal Equipment: Mobile Crushing Plant

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Today construction waste recycling in our country has had some technical base, and both of the lab research and the market application have achieved some fruits.

Urban Construction Waste Management Regulations of the ministry of construction was performed last June 1st. It requires that every company or individual mustn’t dump, throw or pile construction waste. The waste earth and materials produced by the construction, installation, removal, or repair of the construction company or individual will pollute the environment severely, and affect the city life. Residents should collect the construction waste and life garbage generated by decorating house respectively, pile them to the designated locations, and the set of construction waste transfer station should provide convenience for residents. The company or individual who doesn’t deal with the construction waste according to the regulations should be punished heavily, so that the urban construction waste management can be reinforced, and the city environmental sanitation can be ensured.

Hydraulic drive tracked mobile crushing plant and wheeled mobile crushing plant self-produced by Yifan Machinery can break the construction waste roughly, generally or delicately. They can also set three levels to break flexibly according to the demands of the clients, and give optimal combination to the levels. We will try our best to satisfy the clients. Most waste can be reused as the renewable resources after it is sorted, removed, or crushed, such as scrap steel, scrap wire, various scrap parts and other metals, they can be manufactured into different specifications through sorting, collecting, and remelting. Scrap wood can be used to make artificial timber. The brick, stone, concrete and other waste can replace the sand after they are crushed, and they can be used as mortar, concrete cushion etc, besides, they can be used to make building blocks, road-paving bricks, lattice bricks and other building products.

Because the construction waste is piled collectively; the construction areas are limited, and the transportation is not very conveniently, Yifan machinery uses the mobile form, and the facility is very flexible, thus a large amount of building or moving cost can be saved. What’s more, the materials can be crushed without being removed from the very site and the machine can move as the advance of raw materials mining, therefore, the transportation cost can be reduced greatly. Mobile crushing plant’s installation is very flexible, and it can be designed according to the actual site, so can the construction waste process. Yifan mechanical mobile crushing plant includes hydraulic drive tracked mobile crushing plant and wheeled mobile crushing plant. Wheeled mobile crushing plant contains standard type, closed-circuit type, single combination series, and dual combination series. Standard type consists of jaw mobile crushing station, cone mobile crushing station, back-breaking mobile crushing station, vertical shaft crushing station, cone feeding mobile crushing station. Closed-circuit type consists of closed-circuit cone mobile crushing station, closed-circuit back-breaking mobile crushing station and closed-circuit shock mobile crushing station. Single combination series consist of back-breaking combination mobile crushing station, jaw combination mobile crushing station and cone combination mobile crushing station. Hydraulic drive tracked mobile crushing plant comprises jaw tracked mobile crushing station, track mobile crushing station, cone tracked mobile crushing station, screening tracked mobile crushing station and other series.

Construction waste and other renewable resources have become the start of the resource recycling, and become the important part of circular economy. In addition, the recycling processing doesn’t only resolve the shortage of resources, but also reduce the garbage disposal, which can be said kill two birds with one stone. Our country continues to adopt policies to support the development of waste disposal industry, and local government leaders also have begun to attach great importance to the waste landfill site construction and increase the investment. It can be predicted that waste disposal industry has a very broad prospect.

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