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Efficient application of impact crusher

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Efficient impact crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and second crushing operations. Surface rocks, can be used for crushing open-pit mining of ore, coal, limestone, clay, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, lead-zinc, nickel ore, talc, coke and other rock and mineral materials.

Metal mines: efficient impact crusher has a large number of applications in uranium, gold and gold-bearing bauxite ore, nickel ore, copper, lead and zinc and other metal mines.

Coal: Coal is the largest user, accounting for about 50% of the total in China are mainly concentrated in the major new coal mine.

Stone: the stone crushing industry is more suitable for the use of the machine, especially the mobile crusher is suitable for stone mining in the United Kingdom, Australia, have adopted efficient counterattack crusher.

The cement industry: cement crusher is very common.

Non-metallic minerals: efficient impact crusher suitable for crushing materials of heavy calcium carbonate, clay minerals, gypsum mine, it does not exist the problem of clogging to the discharge port and the discharge port.

Municipal engineering: efficient impact crusher processing urban waste and garbage as well as a variety of hard broken materials such as glass, old tires, etc. can also be used.
Efficient impact crusher used in crushing and processing of mineral raw materials, in addition to a large number of processing urban waste, garbage, waste glass, tires and other difficult crushed material can also be used. Need the type of material crushing process more and more complex, with the development of human life and production, increasing volume, high efficient crusher is bound to make a new development in the new field of broken.


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