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Analysis of the parameters of the line speed of the rotor impact crusher

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In order to reasonably determine the structure parameters and operating parameters of the impact crusher, we carried out the impact of changes in the speed of the rotor line product granularity the disc - Hammerhead layers product granularity.
The higher the line speed of the rotor, the finer granularity of product, and broken than the v = 35.4m / s,-1mm products accounted for 87.2%, crushing ratio of up to 21 studies disc - Hammerhead layers The product granularity relationship is an important basis to simplify the structure of the machine, reducing the weight of the machine. Impact Crusher is a multi-stage crushing equipment, impact - the number of extrusion broken with increasing the number of layers increases. V = 18.8m / s, and 28.3m / s under two conditions in order to determine the number of layers of the product particle size, determined in a certain line speed of the rotor disc - hammerhead Floors respectively, changing the number of layers and give into the 20 ~ 10mm limestone. Product particle size sieve analysis results by running test will be drawn into negative cumulative curve of the disc - hammerhead layers and product size relationship.
By the product particle size distribution curve can be seen, when the line speed of the rotor at 18.8m / s, when the number of layers is four or more, negative cumulative yield changes rarely; when the line speed of the rotor at 28.3m / s, the number of layers in the more than five negative cumulative yield without much change. This shows that at a fixed speed, hammer impact force generated at a constant value, and the product size reaches a certain fineness, the strength of the material increases with decreasing particle size, when the hammer bit generated crushing force balance and material strength, the materials no longer broken. At this time to increase disc - Hammerhead layers is of no use, this can only increase the power consumption.

[1].The line speed of the rotor: impact crusher features can be seen, the line speed of the rotor is the most important parameters of the impact crusher. It affects the efficiency of the crusher broken, crushing ratio and production capacity.

[2].Productivity: Impact Crusher and horizontal impact crusher and crushing process, and therefore can not be calculated using horizontal impact crusher productivity. Only in respect of the structural features of the machine, the following export impact crusher productivity formula.

[3].Motor power: Power consumption impact crusher with many factors, but mainly depends on the nature of the ore, the peripheral speed of the rotor, the crushing ratio and production capacity.

[4].The number of layers of the disc - the hammer: in accordance with the material block in the pulverization process different crushing method, respectively, to determine the energy consumption to calculate the size of each pulverized material blocks, in turn, until it reaches the requirements of product size. Thus you can determine the number of layers of the disc - Hammerhead.
In accordance with the above method, sequentially calculated to achieve the required product size can be determined at this time until the desired disc - hammerhead Floors, should be noted that in the above calculation, without considering the material between each layer and the material between collision and grinding stripping effect, its impact should be considered when determining the number of layers.

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