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Large jaw crusher, 69PE jaw crusher stone crusher, jaw crusher motor Hubei Stress Analysis

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Moving jaw crusher parts, is one of the more complicated parts of the structure. The use of the process in the jaw crusher, often become parts to withstand the crushing force is concentrated, so all the parts are more easy to wear. Naturally, this caused our analysis and calculation of the structure of the force of the movable jaw plate, in order to be better able to enhance the Jaw Crusher crushing performance, improve the overall service life.

Large jaw crusher, 69PE jaw crusher stone crusher
Large jaw crusher, 69PE jaw crusher stone crusher

Yifan machinery mining machinery manufacturing large jaw crusher. The crusher multiple models being used in the procurement of equipment we had customers and friends tracking observations and calculations. If we say that the the crusher structure optimization design ensure superior performance of the most fundamental factors, the most reasonable moving jaw structure is a sufficient condition to ensure superior performance crusher. This worthy cause of in-depth discussion.

The practice of long-term operation, the movable jaw is in its lower elbow Block of bias on at 1-1 near the cracks. According to the force analysis shows that of the movable jaw, the movable jaw on the maximum force located near 1-1 sectional, but seen from the intuitive, this cross-sectional area is relatively small, it produces a large stress, resulting in the most vulnerable to damage here.

Had a PE400 * 600 broken motorized the Jaw stress test results. 1-1 the sectional stress on a = 172MPAa,2-2 section stress b = 100MPa,3-3 section stress c = 47 MPa,4-4 section stress d = 39MPa. Therefore, maximum cross-section of maximum stress at moving jaw elbow seat near the upper point; Second section stress the difference between the largest difference between 4-4 and 1-1 cross-section.

Analysis shows that under the above broken motorized jaw stress: moving jaw in brackets near the maximum stress, resulting in it often cracks damage here; moving jaw upper and lower stress values ​​of disparity 1-1 cross-section that is too weak, reducing the life of the movable jaw 4-4 cross-section was too thick, so that the movable jaw bulky waste of materials, it is such a moving jaw design is extremely unreasonable, much-needed improvements.

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