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There are three main impact crusher crushing effect

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By the impact of the board hammer impact crusher working parts with a high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer, broken into the material in the rotor rotation range, chunks of stone and rock materials after the guide plate into the plate hammer broken material to block the plate abandoned after hammer impact, high speed crashed into the back plate, once again under attack, and then from the rebound counterattack plate to plate hammer, continue to repeat the process. In commuting between the material strike against each role. As the material by plate hammer blow, with the impact of the counter plate and the materials between the collision. Materials continue cracks, loose and crushed. When the material particle size is smaller than the gap between the counter plate and plate hammer is unloaded.

Sand production line site
Sand production line site

According to the introduction of the above works, we can understand the impact crusher crushing effect of the following three points:

(1) free broken. Material into the crushing cavity immediately subject to the impact of the board hammer. Material between the impact and friction between the plate hammer and materials, supplies and materials, material crushing due to these effects.

(2) the rebound broken. The broken material is not actually unlimited dispersed, but concentrated in the body due to the impact of high-speed board hammer, so that the materials are high movement speed, and then hit the counter plate perish material thereby further broken. Such a crushing effect called rebound effect.

(3) milling effect. Has not been broken by the crushing effect of the above two is greater than the the irresolute inlet size of materials, the material at high-speed rotation of the plate hammer milling and crushing.

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