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Detail:Impact crusher , small size , simple structure, la


Impact crusher , small size , simple structure, large crushing ratio (up to 40) , energy consumption, production capacity , uniform particle size , and selective crushing , crushing equipment is a new high- efficiency .Work , driven by the motor , the rotor high-speed rotation , the material into the board hammer area , on the rotor plate hammer , impact crusher , and then was thrown again on the counterattack installation broken , and then bounced back from the fight back liner new broken to the plate hammer , repeat this process , material descending into into one , two, three , repeated crushing counterattack cavity , until the material to be broken to the required size from the discharge port .Swap to counter the gap between the frame and the rotor can be reached by changes in material feed size with the material shape of the target .

Impact Crusher can develop so quickly , not without reason , in addition to the role of the railways, construction and other industries , but also has its own characteristics :

Strange fight back tooth plate , keyless connection .

(1) The rotor of the backplane can suffer rotor high moment of inertia and the hammer of the impact of crushing force .
(2) The impact crusher with a multi-function hydraulic station , with a hydraulic high-speed discharge gap , the back plate is solid damping and body take the initiative to open the multi-function .
(3) New manufacturing techniques developed by the victory of a high wear resistance , high toughness of chromium, molybdenum , vanadium alloy to solve the crushing of hard materials difficult .
(4) The constructor of the fair board hammer , with loading and unloading faster , more empathy , etc. , can greatly shorten the time for board hammer .
(5) Machine optimized design into a low- speed , multi- crushing cavity impact crusher , its line rate than in the individual counter-attack to break down 20% -25 % , with low power consumption to obtain a high production to .
(6) There are three crushing and shaping the effectiveness of this machine , so the big crushing ratio , product shape the body of the broken side , the crushing of a choice nature of the advantages .
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