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Detail:The impact crusher sand and gravel material , grav


The impact crusher sand and gravel material , gravel processing is essential crusher equipment, widely used building stone processing , highways , railways , construction of artificial aggregates .Here we elaborate on the impact crusher hammer is easy to wear for some reason analysis.

Impact crusher in the crushing process , the material from the upper feeding mouth into the violent phase with high-speed rotating hammer moment materials for first crushing , hammer again followed by 37m / s line speed on the material thrown impact to counterattack board to complete the secondary crushing , the final material to achieve the required particle size , again squeeze in between the hammer and the liner to complete all the crushing process . The workpiece during the operation , the hammer has been the impact of high hardness materials , extrusion, etc. to the combined effects on the one hand caused by the fragmentation of the matrix and carbide off ;

The other hand , caused the overturning of the substrate , resulting in plastic deformation , and finally fall off fatigue , hammer, with varying degrees of trench . At the same time , during the entire run , adjust the rotation of the hammer and the material is repeated strong collision , the hammer surface temperature up to 500 degrees Celsius , therefore, the hammerhead material requirements should be sufficient hardness , impact toughness and considerable high thin rigid .

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