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Impact Crusher - efficient crushing stone parameters

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Impact Crusher - efficient crushing stone parameters

Rotor diameter and length. The dimensions of the rotor determines the shape of the crushing chamber , speed is unchanged , the larger the diameter of the rotor , the higher the line speed of the hammer , the greater the impact energy , but the diameter will allow the radial structure size increase . increase the length of the rotor can be increased to hammer the number to increase the crushing amount . in other words, the diameter of the rotor can be decided in a given diameter , productivity depends on the length of the rotor feed size .

The hammerhead is a core component of the Impact Crusher. The hammerhead quality of the size on the crushing effect , a great influence on energy consumption , the hammerhead quality should be able to guarantee a large enough kinetic energy in the hammer stones touch the cover , or should ensure that the hammer has sufficient momentum .However, if the quality is too large will increase hammer size , and will cause the outside dimensions of the entire machine to increase the hammerhead quality , increase the starting torque to a higher power motor (or other prime mover method ) to start , but the actual crushing power is not so big , which would reduce the power factor of the grid the grid to choose the quality of the hammerhead , the functional principle can be used , use of crushing power should be equal to the kinetic energy of the hammer calculations. Also can use the momentum principle, be calculated equal to the momentum after impact hammer and stones .

Productivity. The grate of the gap of the counter productivity and material efficient crusher crushing performance crusher , hammer, quality , rotor speed and rotor structure size has a close relationship and consider each row of the hammer can be so that each grate gap evenly through the layer of debris, you can seek to counter the theory of efficient crusher productivity .

The installed power . Counterattack and efficient power consumption of the crusher and crusher structure, the nature of the feed and broken than about the current counterattack efficient crusher installed power can be calculated productivity , that is calculated in accordance with the energy consumption per ton of product installed power .
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