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PCL series of impact Sand advantage

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At present , the impact crusher used by the mining machinery industry , there are several , such as vertical shaft impact crusher , Yifan PCL series of the impact crusher  , the new Sand , fifth-generation sand making machine , the  impact crusher , etc. , different Sand device structure is different, but generally works basically the same .

Sand the Yifan PCL series of impact has unique advantages : First, it has crushing and coarse grinding function, simple and reasonable structure , high reliability , environmentally friendly , subject to environmental constraints is relatively small, lower production costs . Second, the unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design , this machine has the characteristics of heavy-duty and high-speed rotating , but also to ensure a more safe and reliable operation of the machine . Third , the vulnerability of low loss , all wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials , long life . A small amount of wear parts for extra hard wear-resistant material made ??of small size, light weight, ease of replacement parts . At the same time , the impeller and the whirl crushing chamber materials self- lining to significantly reduce the cost of wear parts and maintenance workload .

The production process , the stone can be formed to protect the bottom , the body no wear and durability . Also increase the powder equipment , artificial sand inside the mud powder to get rid of in order to achieve the standard of construction sand and dust content in the artificial sand separator control within the scope of national regulations , thereby enhancing the concrete compressive strength and workability , so that the artificial sand gradation better .

The impact of the Yifan PCL series Sand is the most traditional and most basic , most primitive , is the most practical system of sand equipment , plays an irreplaceable role in the performance of thin broken equipment in a variety of ores , is the most effective , practical and reliable gravel machine.

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