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Difference and development impact crusher (一)

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Impact Crusher in China in the late 1950s began to come out . In the eighties , the domestic impact crusher is limited to the hard material in the processing of coal and limestone and the like . Until the end of the 1980s original Henan Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., the introduction of Germany KHD -type hard rock impact crusher , to fill the gaps . But behind twenty years abroad , impact crusher cavity design , the rotor structure , especially the hammer plate material and chucking method is fundamentally different .Made hard rock impact crusher , the beginning of the core parts board hammer dependence on imports, localization of board hammer in the Eighth Five-Year Plan period as a ministerial-level scientific research projects , after the success of the project , the domestic plate hammer not only replace imports , and has a large number of exported to Europe, Japan and other countries . Breakthrough in wear-resistant materials , so that the hard rock impact crusher unleashed just Henan Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. , for example : 10 years , the hard rock impact crusher sales increase of 15 times . Export growth of 10 times, to make contributions to China's capital works .

Impact Crusher is both divided into small break, Secondary crushing equipment, rough broken three uses . The material is divided into two different occasions, for hard materials and in hard materials , thus the combination of a dozen models . To meet all aspects of market demand . In contrast , China's impact crusher in the hard rock crushing a breakthrough , but the lack of variety , size small . Demand from the market point of view , we should strengthen the development of the following types of products .

Medium- fine crushing equipment

When high-grade highway anti-skid surface layer of asphalt concrete graded aggregate requires less and less , and basalt, andesite , and other hard materials processing capabilities required to achieve 100t / h, above the current hard rock counterattack crusher discharge particles two degrees and processing power have some difficulty . Henan the Yifan Heavy solve the above problem developed new models , there are considerable changes in the usual model in cavity design and the rotor structure , a good solution to these two issues .The PF1315 its new product type, supply market since the second half of 2000 , has been in short supply . The product identified by the former State Administration , reached the international advanced level , to meet the hard rock crushing , large handling capacity of the crusher requirements .

Bold broken equipment

When the cement industry with the tube mill as raw mill , single-stage hammer crusher is the better choice , more than 2000t / d cement production line , more and more choice of the vertical mill to replace the tube mill machine , better matching programs should be the selection of large coarse broken counterattack crusher, can easily be adjusted with the demand of vertical mill discharge size in order to pressure bed for vertical mill , thereby enhancing the processing capacity and , therefore, assume crude impact crusher broken , there will be a large market .

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