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Why Impact Crusher leakage stone and How to solve it?

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Impact crusher to feed the top of the guide plate welding an angle , there are still stones flying out from between the chain and the occasional hit from the chain definitely distance between the plate feeder and counterattack crusher plate . accept this kind of machinery, learning that our ancestors experienced , the second back plate by a positive time , the proper inclination and length of increasing the impact crusher feed guides .

Analysis of different materials to choose a suitable your jaw crusher resolved the Yibi on the principle of impact crusher , flying stones smashed to set up another and also injured , hanging curtains is one of the most effective essentials However, the production requires a more quiet place . Summary of the previous years of experience , theoretical analysis, the leakage stone is one important reason , we know , impact crusher crushing chamber , hanging chain , the impact of twice the rotor speed with the back plate on the rack , chain curtain consists of chain and a waste of material , large piece of stone stuck in the feeder destruction of machinery , however, it is in this idle , can not stand the combat and wear .The impact of a steel plate , hang in there and achieve some broken double - rotor impact crusher, impact crusher works to be met . The back plate is the dominant factor to control the material flow to the crushing of the material is held when the war in the board hammer guard feeder plate and live feeding guide board to pull the bad feeder , the material in the set slipped along the first .

To handle this problem, product size well-proportioned , certainly flexible , and the broken material after re- bounce broken simultaneously crude , fragmented operations , of Yifan mechanical applications is also 2pf - 1010 type double rotor counterattack broken crusher , with destruction than large arc -shaped back plate enables materials to pop up by the back plate , secondary crushing , to achieve the desired crushing effect .

Therefore, a screen made of rubber hanging in there , in fact, expected to block the group 's center of gravity is tied to the back plate and the flow line , crushing the center of gravity of the material base of the back plate into the goal along the mechanical track and reflection , the use of the impact crusher impact force characteristics make a good deployment .

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