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Impact crusher maintenance precautions

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In order to ensure the life of the impact crusher, the user should always aircraft maintenance .

(1)impact crusher machine stable operating point should be immediately stopped , when a sudden increase in machine vibration , to identify the reasons for cancellation .

(2)Need to check all the bolts fastening state before each boot .

(3)Under normal circumstances , bearing long and should not be over 35 degrees , the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees , more than 70 degrees , you should stop immediately, identify the cause .

(4)When the rack liner wear , should be replaced to avoid wear and tear the chassis .

(5)Assembly or replacement of the board hammer , you must keep the rotor balance , static balance shall not exceed 0.25kg.m .

(6)Open: superstructure after opening the account , you should unscrew the locking nut and bolt , then put away in the top cover the bottom of the arm pad . Open , needs two simultaneous operation , pulling the ratchet device , that is, slowly open the top cover . Open close to the end of the bottom pad should be pre- exposure to arm the bottom bevel , in order to ensure the safe and secure .

(7)The board hammer wear reached its limit signs should be a U-turn or timely replacement .

After the top cover open and close:
When the need to replace the rack linings , counter linings, board hammers and other wearing parts wear , or the machine fails to require the removal of the ratchet device open and close the top cover , replacement and maintenance .


(1)Close : replacement or repair is completed , turning the small handle on the ratchet device operation between the two people at the same time , able to slowly close the superstructure . Before the superstructure is turned off , turn off the surface need to be thoroughly cleaned.

(2)Constant attention and a timely manner the lubrication of the friction surface .

(3)Add oil to the bearing after eight hours of each work once every three months to replace the grease once , the application of clean gasoline or kerosene in the oil carefully cleaned bearing , added to the bearing grease for 50% of the volume .

(4)The lubricating oil used in this machine , should be to determine the location, temperature and other conditions of use under the crusher machine , usually calcium - sodium -based lubricants can be used .
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