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The Impact Crusher infrastructure to increase aggregate production YIFAN Mechanical Information

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In recent years, with the cause of the rapid development of domestic construction , the Shahe where natural gravel is far less than the needs of urban construction , building sharp increase in the amount of sand , natural sand and gravel gradually becomes short supply . The construction of the development resulting in the need for the sharp rise in the amount of sand , resulting in the demand for artificial sand also increased significantly . Artificial sand , also known as the mechanism of sand, rocks and river pebbles from the river digging through the impact crusher (also called sand making machine ) processing into the sand used for construction .

The YIFAN Mechanical impact crusher essential equipment for the sand industry . Sand production process is required for a variety of graded sand and gravel aggregate , in particular, the dust content of the finished sand , YIFAN Mechanical innovative and polished gradually become the crushing and screening equipment industry of China's leading experts , production of the crushing machinery , mobile crushing plant , a large jaw crusher machine , large-scale counterattack broken machine , large-scale counterattack crusher mobile crusher station , a large cone crusher , high-speed high steel frame material production line , Hydropower artificial sand production line ( system sand R & D and manufacturing of production lines) , gravel production lines , such as crushing and screening equipment ;Its products are widely used in mining, cement, chemicals , road , railway and other industries , especially in the production of high quality artificial aggregate in highways, high-speed rail construction has accumulated a wealth of experience , the launch of the aggregate production equipment many national major projects .

YIFAN Mechanical Impact crusher counterattack cavity , broken space , suitable for the crushing of the bulk material . Crusher counterattack plate angle can be adjusted to ensure that the repeated impact of the material between the back plate and the rotor was the right angle , can effectively improve the crushing efficiency . Step by step to counter the crushing process can effectively reduce energy consumption in the crushing process .

Impact Crusher drive motor and mechanical couplings + V -belt + crusher , can effectively improve the motor start-up performance , so that the motor to a smooth start to run . Can play a belt drive double overload protection , low power requirements of the motor drive system , greatly reducing operating costs . This driver program is economical and practical, good performance , safe and reliable driving scheme .If you want to know more about the impact crusher information (such as the price impact crusher , impact crusher for more performance problems ) , you can contact us 24 hours online customer online to answer your questions , at the same time , you can also send us an email to obtain more detailed product information ( our E-mail : ) .

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