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Cone crusher installation manual

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Cone crusher installation manual

First, the application range of the product

Cone crusher can be widely used in metallurgical industry, construction industry, road building industry, chemical industry and phosphate industry for crushing hard and medium hard ore and rock. Such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc.

Second, the general installation instructions
1, prior to the installation must count the number of parts. Check and remove various parts machined surface damage and material handling in the thread caused, and get rid of protection when applied to the processing of packaging coatings and surface dust and dirt, such as falling behind on the handling of.
2, when installed on a stationary contact surface to be coated with grease, coated with thin oil activities.

Third, the foundation
1, crusher must be installed on a solid concrete foundation, based on the depth of the user can decide according to local geological conditions.
2, in order to avoid the accumulation of the crushed ore, the lower base must have enough space for installation and transportation equipment.

Fourth, install the rack
1, the installation should maintain strict vertical rack and level, can the working surface of the annular base and with a spirit level to check the centerline netsuke base (see Figure 2).
2, adjust the horizontal position of the base, tighten the ground screw, a second grouting.
3, when the secondary grouting hardened layer to the base under the crusher and then remove the wedge adjustment, and this gap is filled with cement, and then rack installation.

Fifth, the installation of the drive shaft
1, should be installed between the base and the shaft drive shaft flange bracket flange gasket pad adjustment.
2, after the drive shaft is loaded with a sample size of checks associated with the transmission gear (Figure 4).
3, the axial movement of the drive gear to be 0.4-0.6mm (ie across the gap B).
4, can be used when removing the drive shaft flange on the drive shaft holder

Six, install air eccentric shaft
Empty eccentric shaft mounting gasket installed before the first hook in the bottom cover with the lower end of the bottom of the rack, and then use the hook to the next round plate and circular plate mounted on the bottom cover in order, and make the next round plate projections and recesses bottom card is good.


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