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Yifan JC jaw crusher production can reach 50-1500t / h

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Because jaw crusher structure is simple, inexpensive, few manufacturers will spend energy on this device to develop new devices, but is committed to provide cost-effective crusher equipment Zhengzhou Yifan company but in this device up and down enough effort, not only the production of the most common 69 jaw crusher, but also has launched a deep cavity jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher and other models, but also successfully developed a new generation of mining machine - JC jaw crusher.

Yifan JC jaw crusher production can reach 50-1500t / h
Yifan JC jaw crusher production can reach 50-1500t / h

Zhengzhou Yifan production JC jaw crusher by the creation of a crank-rocker mechanism and the "ladder-type structure" crushing chamber design, the use of "small angle by force" principle, the lower part of the jaw of the "less power" status to "booster" effect, greatly improving the crushing ratio, to achieve a "laminated crushing" mechanism so that jaw crusher crushing disposable bulk materials directly into the desired finished size.

JC jaw crusher machine motor power of 220KW, the maximum feed particle size of 500mm, single time in the 55-200 ton capacity, nominal reduction ratio of 33, which, 6MM less than 30 tons of finished products, therefore, JC jaw crusher machine, also known as the jaw sand powder.

After several owners of production proved, JC jaw crusher can break the top two broken one, use the crusher can replace one traditional jaw crusher cone crusher + 1. JC jaw crusher crushing 200 tons of stone per hour basis, running 12 hours a day, the JC jaw crusher one day be able to "eat" into 2,400 tons large pieces of stone.

It is worth mentioning that, JC jaw crusher crusher rotor centrifugal called "Champion" series of short process gold sand mix the two devices with the use of variable three sections, four broken broken into two segments , while greatly simplifying the process and reduce motor losses of 30-40%, 70-80% wear parts consumption, making a total investment of 20-30% reduction.

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