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YIFAN Machinery PF impact crusher rock broken killer

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PFimpact crusher efficient burst into the rock broken killer :
PF impact crusher with high-performance impact kinetic energy is the main ore crushing machinery and equipment . PF impact crusher big performance , low power consumption , high efficiency , the material particles neat , and the ability to selectively broken all kinds of rocks , has been the rapid development , has been widely used in building materials, stone , chemical engineering, highway , railway, coal, ore crushing and screening .

PF impact crusher developed into the need for rock crushing killer :
PF impact crusher high impact performance to be fully developed . General crusher broken stone crusher board hammer and broken board , direct impact with the stone surface is easy to wear, and therefore rarely a good machine to break a hard stone . However, with the rapid development of cities around the world , the city's buildings and the construction of facilities , roads , subway construction , the proportion of investment continue to increase , therefore, the increasing demand for stone .At the same time , the current requirements for road construction also continued to increase , such as broken stone of the compressive strength must be sufficient to carry the pressure of 100 MPa , and the needle Pack of gravel particle content must be less than 10% to be able to to work properly put into use, however, the current market , jaw crusher and cone crusher is difficult to meet these requirements , which makes the performance of the impact crusher to get higher recognition . Began more crushing and screening industry suppliers of high performance to quickly improve the efficiency crushing hardness of rock , PF impact crusher , which later developed into a PF impact crusher rock crushing killer provides a good operating environment .

Mechanism of sand production line process

YIFAN Machinery PF impact crusher

PF impact crusher works :
PF impact crusher crusher impact of an application to break material . Crusher driven by the motor , the rotor high-speed rotation, material feed into the board hammer area , on the rotor plate hammer , impact crusher , and then was thrown again on the counterattack installation broken , then and from the counter-attack liner bounced back to new crusher board hammer area , repeat this process , material descending into into one , two, three , the counterattack cavity repeatedly broken until the material is broken to the desired particle size by the material discharge port. Swap to counter the gap between the frame and the rotor can be reached by changes in material feed size with the material shape of the target .
PF impact crusher , stone by the machine upper part directly into the high-speed rotation of the turntable , the high-speed rotation of the rotor driven by the motor , the material from the inlet into the plate on the rotor hammer impact , high-speed centrifugal force . umbrella with another part of the shunt in the dial around the flying stone crushing, to produce high - speed collision with high-density board high-speed impact of the hammer was broken ;Broken materials be countered to the liner on again broken stone fight against each other , turn the dial and case between the formation of vortex movement caused many times fight against each other , friction , grinding , and finally from the discharge port . So that the formation of the closed-loop recycled many times , the gap between the adjustment impact rack and rotor aircraft to change the material the material size and shape of the purpose .

PF impact crusher technical characteristics :
[1] Full hydraulic opening , ease of maintenance and replacement of wearing parts .
[2] Low feed inlet to facilitate the production line layout and increase the size of the feed .
[3] Cavity of uniform crushing, suitable for crushing hard rock .
[4] The new wear-resistant materials so that the board hammer , counter lining and the lining trial life longer .
[5] Easy maintenance , simple operation and reliable . PFV hard rock impact crusher with a multi - function hydraulic station , with a hydraulic high-speed discharge gap , stable damping of the back plate and the body automatically open the multi-functional .

PF impact crusher is widely applied :
PF impact crusher impact velocity on product size , production capacity, the board hammer wear , etc. have a greater impact . In general, the improvement of the impact velocity , impact force means that the board hammer impact, the back plate counterattack and materials to improve . Therefore , the product particle size becomes fine , fragmentation will increase , but the board hammer and wear and tear of the back plate will aggravate . The board hammer wear a great impact on product size , and its particle size is roughly proportional to the amount and the board hammer wear . Product maximum size does not depend on the discharge opening size; reasonable discharge opening size should be based on the degree of wear of the plate hammer and feed size to determine .PF impact crusher unique properties make it gradually should be widely used to open to , if you want to know more about PF impact crusher (for example, PF impact crusher product prices , the more performance problems of the PF impact crusher ), you can contact us 24 hours online customer online to answer your questions , you can send us an e-mail to obtain more detailed product information ( our E-mail : ) .Thank you for your interest in YIFAN. Please use any of the methods below to get in touch with us. 
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