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Impact Crusher crushing medium principle

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The Impact Crusher media have two meanings , one mill in what the other is what grinding . Broken grinding the so-called dry crushing in the air , but the low fragmentation efficiency , dust and voice , in addition to the severe drought or dry - type dressing is not a dry crusher .

Most of the wet crushing water as the medium . Wet crushing is to continuously give into the Impact Crusher ore and water , ore crushing media continue to impact and grinding stripping under grinding sewing , to the ore finely ground material is broken media steel , broken media ball or the ball , followed by steel bars, gravel can also be used in exceptional circumstances , often customary balls, sticks, gravel crushing millstone media as media fragmentation , in the process of dense ore , and sometimes from time to crusher in the crushing media , ore crusher stone . This crusher is known as a media - free crusher , also known as self- grinding .

Play a better role in the crusher , mill , commonly used crusher equipment associated with it , so that qualified sewing particles separated early for sorting jobs beneficiation . Failed to return the rented grain grinding machine grinding, crusher is mine paddle a variety of different particle size mixture according to settling velocity is divided into pairs , the fine level of granularity process .

Stone Crusher air as medium dry crusher and wet classification of water as the medium . Wet classification better concentrator grinding and classification operations are mostly wet classification , and dissemination size characteristics of useful minerals in the ore is very complex , in order to prevent wear or improve grinding rescue rate should not be the first useful minerals grinding and gangue , the useful minerals and useful minerals to the monomer dissociation , in the case of coarse grinding part of the monomer dissociation of useful minerals , separated by grading equipment . Yet to monomer dissociation with the living body to return and then grinding mill , which not only improves the grinding efficiency and to prevent excessive wear .

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