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Function of Impact Crusher

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Function of Impact Crusher:
REVIEW:The use of the counterattack crusher broken What are the advantages ? The broken ore , limestone , limestone product line preferred hammer crusher . Hammer crusher relatively small size, the disposal of large amount of good economic strengths, then , compared with hammer crusher , use also break to the limestone crushing and what strengths ?

Be compared with hammer crusher , crusher broken than the larger and more abundant favorable terrain with high-speed impact energy of the rotor . However , easy to wear because the board hammer crusher has also been limited in the use of hard materials broken , limestone lipophilicity because the activity of nano- calcium carbonate appearance , good compatibility with the resin can be useful to progress or conditioning of the finished product just brightness , toughness, and flexural strength ; to improve the processing function to improve the rheological functions of the finished product , the size of the same functions , heat invariance filling and strengthening and toughening effect , can substitute for the local price of expensive fill materials to help economic , reduce the amount of resin , and then reduce the product of produced capital , the progress of market competitiveness .

Because of the physical characteristics of limestone belonging to the analogy of a soft material , while the crusher is the host of the limestone crushing system , crushing chamber of the machine can accept large piece of material to master and make it broken crusher overload calibration District certainly constitute the average yield of the required particle size and large disposal in order to squeeze every piece of material in the extrusion distance work where materials can be comfortable after , in order to progress the disposal . Able to withstand the crushing chamber shape and bus inclination , broken cone migraine pain rate and the beat frequency linked to the given output particle size and disposed of under the premise to guarantee minimum power and lining cost.

Impact Crusher crushing effect on the material , first and foremost in the following process: The first step is comfortable stage crushing , material into the crushing cavity , and immediately was the impact of the high - speed board hammer , the material between the impact plate hammer and material and the effect of friction between the material , the crushing cavity material crushing destruction of the ceramic ball mill .
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