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what's the differences between Impact Crusher and third Second-generation

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Yifan Machinery is committed to professional production Impact Crusher has 20 years of production experience , from the beginning of the rod mill type , impact to the most advanced Crusher (third generation sand making machine) . To the exchange under the performance of these two models .
Impact Crusher shortcomings :
The main drawback is that some of the equipment in the work when the noise is relatively large, or because there is no maintenance of a good case , its efficiency back significantly reduce some bad features , maintenance is particularly troublesome . Forming a low rate low rate of 40% than the third generation of Sand molding hammerhead short life .

Impact the performance of the Sand :
Stone to fall into the high-speed rotation of the turntable directly impact Sand the upper , high-speed centrifugal force , and another part of the umbrella shunt high - speed impact with the crush of high-density dial around the target stone , stone impact Sand the internal fight against each other , then they will form a vortex movement between the dial and case caused by several times to fight against each other , friction, grinding, until crushed into the required particle size .

The advantages of the third generation of Sand :
Crusher ( Crusher ) Features : The device is stable and reliable operating performance , process simplification , simple structure and easy maintenance . Production capacity , the hammer and long service life .

The performance of the third generation of Sand :

The sand making equipment investment is less than 35% -50 % of the traditional technology and equipment of the same size , the output efficiency is higher than the same scale of traditional technique and equipment 35% -50 % ( limestone , for example : a finished particle size ≤ 5mm accounted for more than 85% ). Long-running maintenance cost is lower than the same scale of traditional technique and equipment 35% -50 % .

Impact Crusher as a device to understand , we are referring to the crushing machine , the third generation sand making machine . Such equipment in the crusher , artificial sand production line work , will further after the initial crushing of stone crushing processed into sand finished . After the shaker and other screening equipment of sand finished grade, quality is purer and more artificial sand finished .
Be understood as a type of equipment , the third generation sand making machine , impact Sand Hammer Sand . The main stone crushing processed into a certain particle size , the particle size to meet our construction standards required . To sand any stone processing contributed to equipment , by type can be classified as sand making equipment , this is from the understanding .
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