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Impact Crusher confidential in their maintenance and inspection

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Production line in the sand , impact crusher is the third process , the large material broken jaw crusher , impact crusher and then again after broken into customer needs 20 ~ 60mm particles . Impact Crusher is a use of impact energy to broken machinery . In order to ensure the impact crusher , better in continuous operation in the production line in the sand , and continue the life of the impact crusher , impact crusher for regular maintenance and upkeep .

The new machines put into operation , each class is completed must be back-breaking conduct a comprehensive inspection . Conduct a comprehensive inspection after the weekly run impact crusher motor, lubrication . Check the contents of the fixed parts of the fastening belt drive , bearing seals, counterattack liner , liner wear and tear the whole place checks , combined with the maintenance cycle to establish a regular maintenance and replacement system .

Impact Crusher rotor and counter- liner gap adjustment : When the impact crusher rotor at run time , the gap between the rotor and counter lining can not be adjusted . If the material into blocks stranded in between the back plate and the plate and shell , it is recommended to lift slightly re- adjust the gap between the impact rack , so into a feed become loose , easy to adjust the impact rack . If the counter-attack aircraft enough , you can relax the lever on the tap (with a piece of wood protection) , the clearance of the rotor and counter- lining is done by the adjusting device of the machine , first loosen the bolt , and then in turn the long nut , this when the lever upward direction of movement, adjustment Fortunately, the screw sets fastening .
Impact Crusher replacement of wearing parts : Impact Crusher replacement of wearing parts , first open shelves . Use, the first shelves to remove the bolts in the box , and then use the wrench to the hex head portion of the clamshell device , and then shelves slowly open . In the meantime, you can use the rack above the hanging device Diaozhu rear rack . Repeat the above process , the closed shelves. The impact crusher board hammer : counter broken boards hammer wear to a certain extent should be timely adjusted or replaced in order to avoid the damage of fasteners and other parts . Impact crusher liner , open the back cover, removal of the lining of a fixed fight back with the cotter pin , slotted nuts , bolts , to counterattack after the wear liner replacement .
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