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What caused the impact crusher is easy to damage ?

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Impact crusher is currently on the market 's most widely used system of sand equipment, production line in the sand plays a very important role , but we all know that Sand is the loss of equipment , you need to on a regular basis from time to time for maintenance and repair and extend the life of the sand system equipment , and improve work efficiency, impact crusher wearing parts typically include board hammer , counter liner , the casing liner and the rotor body guard . Board hammer wear the shortest time to failure and wear and tear costs are higher , therefore, reduce the wear of the plate hammer to solve the key to the impact crusher wear . What are the factors that then cause impact Sand easy to wear ?

The first is the speed. The line speed is the greatest impact parameters of the plate hammer wear . The reason: the size of the line speed directly affects the board hammer imposed by the size of the impact energy of materials and crushing ratio, size , and the product particle size play a decisive role . In addition, too much line speed may also lead to the rapid increase of the board hammer wear This is because in the high line speeds , the material can not enter the impact area (or into the depth is small ), and caused severe wear of the end of the board hammer the .

The second is the processing capacity and the discharge gap . Impact Sand processing capabilities also have some impact on the board hammer wear . When increased processing capabilities , product size will be thicker , broken ratio decreases , the pure abrasion of the board hammer unit with the lower , the same , changing the discharge gap size to some extent also change the thickness of the product particle size , so the board hammer wear a certain extent.

Third speedto be broken material nature . Be broken material on the board hammer wear include: the nature of the materials , giving the material a particle size of factors such as size and water content , which to the number of material nature , the greatest impact , corresponding to a different break material , pure units of board hammer wear a big difference.
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