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How to choose suitable crushers for different ore materials

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The ore or stone materials we usually see generally can be divided into high hardness, medium hardness and low hardness materials. While different materials are suitable for different crushers . With crusher of right kind , the production line will be more effective and spend less money.

For stone or rock with high hardness such as quartzite, basalt, granitic rocks, quartz porphyry, sandstone, limestone, iron ore, quartz vein, conglomerate, magnesium ore, marble, dolomite, pyrite, siliceous shale, sandstone and shale. The crushing machine with strong crushing ability is suitable for such kind of hard materials,we can choose the PE jaw crusher and PF impact crusher to handle the raw material with high hardness. If we use other common crushers in this case ,the crushing ratio won't be as high as rock crusher's,they may cause serious abrasion instead .  

For medium hard ores, such as clay rock,argillaceous rock and unstable density marl .We have a wider selection than the first situation . We can use jaw crusher, impact crusher,as well as roll crusher, which has a wide optional range.

When the compressive strength of the ore is relatively weak,like gypsum, broken shale, chalk .We can choose cone crusher, impact crusher, rock crusher for crushing. Jaw crusher is not in the scope of consideration .


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