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The equipment composition and system classification of mobile crushing stations

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    Now many companies are online search for the purchase of mine crushing machinery and equipment, hoping to buy inexpensive products. But a lot of people just blindly to understand the technical parameters and performance of various crushers, this understanding is some one-sided approach.

    A mine crushing production line not only includes the crusher, but also includes the material sieving equipment and conveying equipment in Zhengzhou Yifan machinery equipment, and also includes bucket elevator, accumulator, silo, analyzing machine according to production needs , Bag filter and so on up to a dozen auxiliary equipment, these equipment to optimize the combination to form a complete broken production line. A complete mine crushing production line must be smooth throughout the line, the output match to the minimum consumption, the maximum to meet the production needs. Yifan machinery broken production line as a whole can be pided into the following parts:

Mobile  Crusher

    First, the feeding system

    The function of the feeding equipment is mainly to the crusher and sieve conveying ore raw materials. According to the different stages of the production process of crushing, its work is also different. In the first stage crusher to transport raw materials, are generally through a separate feeder for the purpose of the ore raw materials through the initial screening, according to the crusher processing speed to carry and broken. If the output of the product is very high, you can use heavy plate feeding system, not only to the material size and quality, but also direct use of heavy machinery and equipment for a large number of feed, usually according to their needs to equipment configuration. The most widely used is the vibrating feeder and the reciprocating feeder.

    Second, broken system

    The crushing system is the core of the complete set of equipment. According to the equipment is pided into jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc., can also be pided into fixed and mobile two types. Crusher is the ore material broken into small particles into the finished material of the equipment, a broken production line can have multiple crusher composition. Broken the type of machinery, model and price a lot, the production is also very large, the specific circumstances can consult manufacturers to understand.

    Third, the transport screening system

    Conveying system and feeding system is not a concept, it is in the crushing station production process, at all levels of crushing and screening equipment between the ore product transmission; in the closed loop, the gravel material to send back; Different standards for transport stacking. During this period, the screening system pre-sieves and sieves the product according to different standards. Currently used mainly belt conveyor, and the return part should use the cylinder feeder, can make the equipment more compact.

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