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How to realize the high quality and high yield of gravel crushing production line

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    At present, the crushing industry has entered a period of rapid development. At the same time, the concepts of high technology, green, and environmental protection have also been incorporated into the process of enterprise development and equipment R&D. Therefore, intelligent, environmentally-friendly equipment has become a highly competitive product in the industry. The choice of the first crushing equipment is crucial, and it is the key to the quality and output of the entire stone production line. Today, we have a look at the charm of the first broken main equipment, the CJ jaw crusher.

    With constant innovation and development, Zhengzhou Yifan always adheres to the concept of green environmental protection and low-carbon enterprise. The CJ jaw crusher produced has high output and low production cost. In the process of crushing materials, it has unparalleled advantages. After several decades of rapid development, jaw crushers have also undergone continuous upgrading, strengthening the research and development of environmental protection and energy saving technologies, and fully adapting to the unpredictable stone crushing market.

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    The CJ series Jaw Crusher is a new type of environmental protection equipment that has been successfully developed using the finite element analysis method based on the introduction of international crushing technology and R&D results after the PE jaw crusher and on the basis of the design and manufacturing experience of the company's Wantai jaw crusher. . CJ Jaw Crusher adopts the world's high-quality environmental protection crushing equipment materials, wear-resistant parts more durable; crushing cavity type using "V-type design", while improving the crushing efficiency of equipment, to ensure crushing production, reduce pollution; bearing seat integrated The cast steel structure greatly enhances the radial strength of the bearing seat and uses a larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearing than other crushers of the same size, which greatly prolongs the life of the equipment. Heavy-duty guard plates are installed above the movable jaw to avoid material shocks. Protection of the moving body and its internal bearings from damage; Sealed structure design, reduce dust spills, reduce noise transmission, and is equipped with a variety of dust collectors, plus on-site water spray device assist, can control dust, noise pollution in all directions , To create a low-carbon, environmentally friendly crushing work site.

    In the crushing and processing industry, the selection of the equipment is critical. Jaw crusher is a commonly used equipment in the beneficiation process. As the first crushing equipment in the beneficiation process, the jaw crusher plays a decisive role. Nowadays, Zhengzhou Yifan CJ Jaw Crusher has become the undisputed crusher in the industry that has received certain favor and recognition. At the same time, it also has a good reputation in foreign customer cases. Therefore, today, Xiaobian hopes that the province's investment, high-quality, high-capacity equipment can inject new strength into your crushing business.


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