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Impact crusher in the crushing stone industry a wide range of applications

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Impact Crusher earliest start into the gravel crushing industry

Since the advent of impact crusher has been 140 years of history. In this process , its structure has been constantly improved , the structure of the impact crusher is simple , safe and reliable , stone available for crushing machinery to enter the capital works requires a lot of various sizes of sand , stone production. Wide range of applications in production .Front Yifan Machinery shared " PF Impact Crusher is widely used in sand making production line " , about some applications of the new impact crusher , At present, works on the most widely used is a dual - rotor impact crusher , and China Impact Crusher the largest number of dual - rotor impact crusher .

Impact Crusher composition of simple convenience has been widely used

Impact Crusher is simple structure , easy to manufacture, reliable operation, easy maintenance , etc. , all used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemicals , coal and other industries is very extensive .Since the 1980s , the dual - rotor impact crusher research and product development of a larger development . Fully absorb the basis of the characteristics of foreign products , combined with national conditions and developed many new and efficient equipment . Vibration level Xinlong dual - rotor impact crusher with a significant improvement by lowering the movable jaw suspension height to improve the trajectory of the moving jaw , reducing the crushing chamber of the nip angle and increase the crushing ratio , increases the movable jaw level of travel to increase production capacity , has greatly improved machine performance , the completion of the upgrading of products .Impact Crusher is mainly used for the coarse crusher and crusher in mining, building materials , infrastructure and other departments . Impact Crusher is simple structure , easy to manufacture , reliable , easy maintenance , Impact Crusher is mainly used for crushing of medium-grained ore and bulk material .Impact Crusher best suited to breaking strength higher than 300MPa ( MPa) a variety of soft and hard ore , Impact Crusher is mainly consists of frame, supporting device , working bodies ( fixed jaw and movable jaw plate) , transmission ( eccentric connecting rod, thrust plate , flywheel, eccentric shaft ), a safety device , the adjusting device in the port of discharge ( wedge adjustment devices , gaskets, adjust the device) and other components .

Impact Crusher architecture design is reasonable to extend the service life

The rack of impact crusher is the most important part of the whole equipment , the Rack life directly determine the useful life of equipment . The frame structure in the form of impact crusher counterattack crusher rack structure , a whole rack and combination rack , a whole rack due to manufacturing, installation and transportation difficulties , it is not appropriate for large crusher , mostly small and medium-sized broken the machine used . Rigid than the combination of rack , but to create more complex .Rigid than the combination of rack , but to create more complex . Combination of rack for large crusher , which has two forms : one is the frame intramural embedded pin and bolt combination , such as the 1315 counterattack crusher rack divided into two parts , was added to our body and the frame body with bolted connection between the joint surface using key , pin under strong shear . Key and pin from the assembly positioning role .The other is a combination of welding , such as the 1210 impact crusher rack . Rigid than a combination of rack embedded pin connection , processing , assembly and disassembly are more convenient . The 1500X2100 crusher using welding combinations rack . Manufacturing process from the point of view , the whole rack is divided into the overall casting rack and the overall welding rack . Former manufacturing more difficult , especially single piece and small batch production , the latter to facilitate the manufacturing , the machine is lighter weight , but requires that the welding process, welding quality requirements are high , and after welding requires the elimination of internal stress .

Impact Crusher purchase, Yifan Machinery impact crusher quote service

Today, stone crushing impact crusher is widely used in various contexts . Yifan Machinery is a broken screen of China's leading equipment suppliers , if you want to know more about the impact crusher equipment , such as impact crusher offer impact crusher how much money ? Counterattack broken some other performance of the machine equipment can contact our 24 hours online customer consultation to obtain sales information impact crusher .

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